Target group: Families with children

This lists content that has a target group of families with children. However, there may also be other content on the site targeted at families with children.

Information for New Students

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On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding, among other things, study progress and study counselling.

Tempo Orchestras

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Tempo Orchestras offer children the opportunity to play and sing music for free during their school days regardless of their background, equally and without an auditioning process.

Choirs and Vocal Ensembles

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Read more about the varied range of choir activities available at the Vantaa Music institute.

Early Childhood Music Education

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Early childhood music education is divided into two parts: music play schools (ages 0–6) and music skills education (ages 7–9). The lessons are goal- and experience-oriented.

The Vantaa Music Institute front page

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The Vantaa Music Institute is one of the biggest music institutes in Finland. At the Vantaa Music Institute, over 2,000 students are taught to play instruments and sing by professional teachers. The Institute offers a wide variety of studies that can act as a foundation for either a professional

Basic education in music


The Vantaa Music Institute (Vantaan musiikkiopisto) is a music education centre run by the City of Vantaa, providing music education for local people of all ages.

Vocal and Instrument Lessons

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At the Vantaa Music Institute, highly qualified teachers give high-quality, basic-level music education to children and young adults.