Open Studies


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You can sing up for our open studies throughout the year, regardless of your home municipality or age.

Vantaan musiikkiopiston harmonikkapartiossa soittaa kolme haitarinsoittajaa.

You can come and play music at the Vantaa Music Institute even if you are elderly. In this picture, the music institute’s accordion students are practicing together with their teacher, Vice-Principal Kimmo Kola (sitting in the centre).

Open studies are available to people of all ages. The goals and contents of these studies are chosen separately for each student. Unlike basic music education studies, open studies are also available (by application) to those residing outside the City of Vantaa.

By attending open studies, you can:

  • Learn to play an instrument or sing by attending personal or group lessons
  • Participate in choir or orchestra activities
  • Study music perception subjects

When you pay our personal lesson tuition fee, you are also entitled to attend group lessons, if places are available. Please discuss this issue with your teacher. They will help you find a suitable group (if available).

If you only want to attend lessons as part of a choir, orchestra or band, or music perception lessons, please contact us via email at musí

Those attending open studies can complete basic-level courses, and course certificates are also available upon request.

The number of available places varies depending on the year and subject. You can begin by filling in the application in the Eepos Service. We will contact you when a place to play your chosen instrument becomes available.