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Musical theatre studies are group studies that gives each student the opportunity to study performance and social interaction skills, physical expression skills and singing, for example.

Velhokuningas Morek laulaa musiikkiteatteriesityksessä Lumivalko ja Ruusunpuna

Wizard king Morek singing in a musical theatre presentation of Snow-White and Rose-Red. This presentation took place at Orvokki Hall (Cultural Centre Orvokki) in the spring of 2022.

Musical theatre, an art-form based on the elements common to both music and theatre, gives its students a solid foundation for both art and life in general. Musical theatre is studied in groups, and its studies develop and enhance performance and social interaction skills and self-confidence. Musical theatre studies include lessons and courses on a broad array of skills relevant to this art: physical expression, vocal control, improvisation, dance and singing. The production group’s studies also include personal singing lessons.

During our musical theatre studies, students are introduced to the various subgenres of the art, from musicals and cabarets to operas and experimental forms of musical theatre. Musical theatre involves breaking genre-separating barriers, so the musical theatre programme is equally open to those interested in classical music, traditional folk music or pop and jazz.
At the end of the study programme, the students develop and perform a musical theatre production. Smaller presentations and demos can also be produced over the course of the programme. 
Basic studies – groups:  
Adolescents and adults
Advanced studies’ group:
Production group
Musical theatre students are chosen through auditions. In their audition, the participant must read a freely chosen text and perform a freely chosen song.

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Vantaan musiikkiopiston musiikkiteatterin esitys Mielenpyörittäjä Lumosalista keväältä 2022.

Where does the mind go when it should stay in the here and now? This and many of the other great mysteries of life were pondered in Mielenpyörittäjä (The Mind Spinner), a musical theatre production performed at Lumosali in the spring of 2022.