School-Year Study Schedule and Group Schedules



The school year’s study schedule and music group session and music perception subject schedules.

pop&jazz-opetuksen oppilaiden yhteisesitys Kulttuuritehdas Vernissassa syksyllä 2019.

Each study year, the Pop & Jazz programme organises a themed concert. In the fall of 2019, our students rocked the stage at Vernissa.

School Year 2022–2023

Autumn semester 2022 (15 August–16 December) 

Scheduling of lessons together with the teacher: 11–12 August.  
Lessons begin on Monday, 18 August.  
Autumn holiday: 17–21 October. (No lessons)  
Christmas holiday: 19 December–8 January (No lessons) 
Number of study weeks: 17 

Spring semester 2023 (9 January–25 May)  

Winter holiday: 20–24 February (No lessons) 
Easter holiday: Fri-Mon, 7–10 April (No lessons)
May Day: Mon, 1 May (No lessons)
Ascension Day: 18 May (No lessons)
Number of study weeks: 18 

In cases where Finland’s Independence Day, Epiphany and/or May Day fall on working days, for our teachers these are paid holidays, so no lessons will take place. When this happens, the missed lessons will not be rescheduled. (Ref: Collective Agreement: OVTES 2018 – Part F, Annex 10, Section 6:1)

Music Group Session Schedules

As soon as instrumentation skills permit, all students participating in the music institute’s basic music studies must also participate in music group sessions. If you have not yet taken part in music group sessions, discuss the matter with your teacher to find the most suitable orchestra, group or choir.

Music Play Schools

Music play school locations and schedules can be found through the below Eepos hyperlink. You can also sign-up to the groups through the same link.

Music Keys

Music Keys teaching locations and schedules can be found through the Eepos hyperlink below. You can also sign-up to the groups through the same link.

String Orchestras

Pocoapoco A
ma klo 16.15–17.15 Orvokkisali (joht. Marja Sinbel) 
Pocoapoco B
ma klo 17.15–18.15 Orvokkisali (joht. Marja Sinbel) 
ma klo 18.15–19.15 Orvokkisali (joht. Jaana Haanterä) 
Arco (itä)
ke klo 17–18 Orvokkisali (joht. Juhani Lamminmäki)
ke klo 18–20 Orvokkisali (joht. Juhani Lamminmäki)  
to klo 16.30–18 Lummesali (joht. Juhani Lamminmäki)   
Arco (länsi)
ti klo 16–17 Sinisali (joht. Juhani Lamminmäki)
ti klo 17.10-18.10 Sinisali (joht. Marja Sinbel) 
Minarco (länsi)
ti klo 18.20-19.20 Sinisali (joht. Riku Vartiainen)

Brass Bands

ma klo 17.45–18.30 Lummesali (joht. Keijo Säikkä) 
ma klo 18.30–19.30 Lummesali (joht. Keijo Säikkä) 
ke klo 16.45–18.15 Lummesali (joht. Nelli Nikkanen) 
A-puhallinorkesteri Vamos
ke klo 18.30–20.30 Lummesali (joht. Teppo Salakka) 

The Symphony Orchestra

The Vantaa Music Institute’s Symphony Orchestra is active periodically. During the spring semester, the orchestra usually implements a period focusing on classical music, while in autumn there is one focusing on entertainment music.

More information: Symphony Orchestra Intendant Erik Marttinen, tel. 050 318 1654,‍‍.  

Traditional Folk Music

Traditional Folk Music Group Kakkarat:
la klo 11.00–13.00 Lummetie lk 10
(For 15–22-year-old students studying Music Skills, level 3, or participating in advanced studies.) 

ke klo 18.00–19.00 Lummetie lk 10
(For 6–11-year-old students studying Music Skills, level 1, who have been playing their instrument for at least 1 full year.) 

Traditional folk music groups can be joined by getting in touch with Marja-Riitta Topcu.

Choirs and Vocal Ensembles

Minit-kuoro (6–9 v.)
ma klo 17.00–17.45 Sinisali (joht. Marja Pättikangas) 
Marttiina-kuoro (9–14 v.)
ma klo 17.45–19.00 Sinisali (joht. Marja Pättikangas)

Minit-kuoro (6–9-v.)
ti klo 17.00–17.45, Kulttuurikeskus Orvokki lk 132 (joht. Marja Pättikangas) 
Lauriina (9–14-v.)
ti klo 17.45–19.00 Kulttuurikeskus Orvokki lk 132 (joht. Marja Pättikangas)

Laurus Kamarikuoro (aikuisten sekakuoro)
ke klo 19–21 Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi, Vernissakatu 4 (joht. Heidi Harinen) 

Laurus Nuorisokuoro (12–20-vuotiaat tytöt)
to klo 18–20 Lummesali (joht. Heidi Harinen)

Lauluyhtye Tixie Jive
to klo 19–21 Orvokki, lk 131 uusi osa 1. krs (joht. Teppo Salakka)

Musical Theatre

Advanced Studies
ma klo 18.00–20.30 Lumosali (Anna Villberg, Tanja Hautakangas) 

ti klo 16.30–18.00 Orvokkisali (Tanja Hautakangas, Laura Ruusumaa) 

Adolescents and adults
ti klo 18.15–19.45 Orvokkisali (Tanja Hautakangas, Laura Ruusumaa)

Music Perception Subjects – Groups, School Year 2022–2023

Music Perception Subjects, Optional Studies – Groups, School Year 2022–2023

If you want to sign up to, or hear more about, courses held at Cultural Centre Orvokki:
Eetu Ranta-aho,

If you want to sign up to, or hear more about, courses held at Patotie:
Sanna Haapasalo-Halme,

The courses are free for all Vantaa Music Institute students.

Children’s and Youth Lied

Orvokki Hall, Cultural Centre Orvokki (Orvokkitie 15)

pe 16.30–17.30 (age 12 and below)
pe 17.30–18.30 (age 13 and above)

All basic music education students can sign up to the groups throughout the year. Their lessons will be provided free of charge. To sign up to Children’s and Youth Lied, please contact Saara-Maija Strandman or Marjukka Eskelinen.  


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