Tempo Orchestras

Tempo Orchestras are operated based on music education methods jointly known as El Sistema, which aim to enhance the bonds between children from different backgrounds through group music sessions.

Tempo-orkesteri esiintyy Ruoholahdessa Yhteinen Maailma -konsertissa.

The Tempo Orchestra performed in Ruoholahti at the "Yhteinen ​​maailma" concert in 2016. Juha Ahvenainen conducts.

Tempo Orchestras offer children the opportunity to play and sing music for free – regardless of their background, equally and without an auditioning process. Tempo Orchestras offer an especially easy path into musical hobbies and activities because they are operated free of charge and their activities take place during the children’s school day. Each orchestra performs regularly, and performances are also open to all new members, right from the start.

During the 2022–2023 school year, Tempo Orchestras are active at the following primary schools: Kytöpuisto, Lehtikuusi, Uomarinne and Jokiniemi. The orchestras are meant for all students attending these schools. Tempo Orchestras accept second-grade students, and each orchestra plays together for a period of (approximately) three years.

Orchestra-activity Coordinator
Veera Luomala
tel. 040 5024 328
Reachable by phone on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Learn more about Tempo Orchestra activities by watching the video below.

The same video is available interpreted into four different languages. The original video is in Finnish with English subtitles.